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Zloty Las (Polish Website) Zloty Las (Polish Website)��


Brand New! An absolutely great site for Lord of the Rings fans in Poland. It has the latest news, discussion boards, a gallery, and for registered users ability to change the main site theme. Check it out today!

The Lord of the Rings Costumes The Lord of the Rings Costumes��


Brand New! The absolute BEST source for anything relating to Lord of the Rings costumes. Here you will study everything about the costumes from fabric to patterns to metalworking. The LOTR costumes are just too fantastic not to research so jump on over to this amazing site today!

The Quintessential Lord of the Rings Website�� The Quintessential Lord of the Rings Website��


Take a visual tour through Lord of the Rings with this amazing Lord of the Rings website. Browse through middle-earth scene by scene and see everything from the creation of the ring to its destruction. Take a tour through the Decipher cards in a well organized, scene by scene format. This site has it all!

There and Back Again�� There and Back Again��


A visually stunning look at Middle Earth as illustrated and described by Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam. Developed in Flash 5, this ever-evolving site sets out to illustrate every facet of Middle Earth. Download wallpapers and maps, find out some basic info on the movies, find other Tolkien-based sites, and get lost in this book's pages.

lotrlab lotrlab��


Come to Korean Tolkien Book and movie twix site! LOTR Lab for Study, Shire Studio for Movie news. reardy to accept new worker. Just Ask! Shire studio also deal with release news in Korea.



Brand New! A Norwegian language Tolkien site with news about the movies as well as information about the professor himself. Updated daily.



Brand New! Languages of Middle-earth in the Lord of the Rings movie. You will find here analysis of all the known linguistic features made by the language specialists of the LotR movie. I present actual news concerning the Tolkien's languages in the P. Jackson's production as well as sound files and photos from the movie

Valinor Valinor


If you were looking for the best Brazilian Tolkien site, you need look for it no more! Welcome to Valinor, the Land of the Powers, where you can find the most complete information on every aspect of Tolkien'swork, as well on the upcoming LoTR movie trilogy. In Portuguese.

\[ Middle Earth Tours \] \[ Middle Earth Tours \]


Now you can tour Middle-earth with the help of the best Tolkien artists and images from the upcoming movies. Pictures are reasonably sized, arranged by topic and accompanied by quotes from the books; so "tourists" can compare several artists' renditions of Gollum, Gondor, etc., with Tolkien's own descriptions. Decide for yourself which artist got it "right!"

\[ \] \[ \]


You've read Lord of the Rings. Dagorhir Battle Games lives it! Tolkien's Middle-earth meets Dark Age Europe in this safe, live-action, action-packed, nationwide war gaming society. Why dream the life when you can live the dream? Join yesterday's fun today! Please take time to view the Dagorhir Battle Games website.

\[ \] \[ - Spanish LOTR Site \]


The best Spanish LotR site on the web has come to Community! Check out for everything Tolkien in Spanish.

\[ My Precious - Flash LotR Site \] \[ My Precious - Flash LotR Site \]


Check out the BEST LotR Flash site out there! This well designed and beautifully intricate page makes use of Flash to bring you LotR movie news and much more!

Morgul Rats Morgul Rats


The Morgul-rats are a player group for the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game (MECCG), centered around the city of Leiden (the Netherlands, a.k.a. Holland). On this frequently updated site, you can find useful articles about the game, a player list, tournament announcements and results, our ranking, lots of neat links and more!

kontu Kontu


Check out this great resource for Finnish Tolkien fans!

Sidan Om Ringen Sidan Om Ringen


Welcome this Swedish Tolkien site to our community! Its a great resource!

email: npantos@ptt.yu

A WONDERFUL Yugoslav Tolkien site! Check out the news, information and much more concerning JRR Tolkien and the upcoming LOTR Movies!

Visit Midden Aaarde - Dutch LOTR Site Visit Midden Aaarde - Dutch LOTR Site


- UPDATED! This is the leading Tolkien-website in Holland. With daily news, information, a forum, a chatroom and much much more.

Visit Rolozo Tolkien - Image Archive Visit Rolozo Tolkien - Image Archive


Image archive with language resources, photographs, poetry, and passages from Tolkien's works. Visitor contributions are welcome.

Russian Lord of the Rings Movie Page Russian Lord of the Rings Movie Page


If your native language is Russian, why not visit a Russian LOTR Movie Site for your latest informaiton? Check out the latest and greatest information from™ and Henneth-Annun.

Visit The LOTR Movie Special Effects Site The LOTR Movie Special Effects Site


This site posts all the information available on LOTR special effects. From the sfx crews to their tools and technology, amyd covers a range of information, including how specific visual effects will be accomplished.

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