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29 December 2006 @ 1:00 PST

Well its been over a year, but I thought I'd add some images over the holiday period. I hope you enjoy them.

28 August 2005 @ 23:00 PST

I posted about 50 new images over the weekend.

28 July 2004 @ 19:00 PST

"Who are you?" "Greenleaf, Legolas Greenleaf."

14 June 2004 @ 16:45 PST

I've been asked by Tolkien representatives to remove all maps from the site and have complied. The Maps collection is no longer available under the Resources gallery and the individual maps (images and thumbnails) are no longer in any artist archive.

2 May 2004 @ 12:45 PST

I'm still here. I've been working on redoing parts of the website again. I revived the short URL scheme again and added random sampling of collections to the detailed image pages. Once again I've a huge backlog of images to go through and I promise to get them all online.

28 December 2003 @ 12:15 PST

Apparently google is beta testing a print search engine. Here is one result you may recognize, from among others.

4 September 2003 @ 1:30 PST

I've rewritten my website engine again. The URLs that you may have used to access material here might get you lost or point nowhere at the moment. I hope to fix all this in the near future. The image search engine is temporarily offline, as is the Verses section and the Account access.

1 September 2003 @ 23:00 PST

I'm still going through my mail queue and posting images. I've already posted about 200 images in the past week or so with more to come.

25 August 2003 @ 23:00 PST

I've been a bit more active with the site lately. I posted some images yesterday and today, and there will be more tomorrow.

8 March 2003 @ 21:00 PST

Never ask an ent "How's it going?" By the time he's finished, four months will have gone by without you having even updated your website.

Okay, so there are no ents. I was waylayed by orcs.

Okay, so I wasn't waylayed by orcs. But I haven't updated my site in four months. (which doesn't really explain anything) I've added some images to the gallery and I'll be adding more as I go through many weeks worth of email. Very sorry for the delay.

12 November 2002 @ 11:00 PST

Well now that the official word is out, I can let everyone know that is online! I'll be replacing my versions of the artwork with theirs in order to comply with their copyright wishes. Their images are essentially the larger ones with copyright watermarks applied. I'll transfer the images once everyone has had some time to check out the new website.

3 November 2002 @ 23:30 PST

I'm happy to announce (or more aptly 'imply') that there is something very exciting brewing on the horizon for Ted Nasmith fans. This is somewhat related to my recently shrinking the Nasmith images. They will soon go back to normal sized.

23 October 2002 @ 23:00 PST

So you may want to check out the new Account link up there at the top. I've begun to try to implement user services here. Right now, registered users can recommend images by assigning them recommendation points. The recommendations will be visible on the individual image info pages, but soon I will create a collection of the most recommended images. Eventually there will be more, but I just want to see how this works out. Also, I'm sure there are bugs so you may want to step lightly. :) Some visitors have sent me some great looking images lately which I will get to very soon.

8 October 2002 @ 23:00 PST

After a couple of months off, I'm finally back to hitting the mail queue. I've posted several images tonight and will be adding some more tomorrow. John Howe wrote in (!) to let me know that what I had as Dol Amroth wasn't actually a part of his Tolkien collection so I removed it. He also let me know that he will be launching a new web site soon. Head on over to for more details. Lastly, Rolozo Tolkien turned seven years old this past September!

18 August 2002 @ 1:00 PST

Do any of you remember what this website looked like back in 1999? Neither did I until the Wayback Machine reminded me. Too bad they don't have archives of the 1995 edition. And check out my comments about back in June of '99. Oops. :) And since I was feeling nostalgic, here's another something from back in the day.

Update:I found an even older version of the site from back in 1996 when I was doing some ill-fated experiments with JavaScript and Java. At the time there was art from 7 artists.

29 July 2002 @ 10:30 PST

I fixed a few problems over the weekend which caused some pages to not load. I think everything is working properly now.

21 July 2002 @ 21:15 PST

I've simplified the URL scheme a little bit so those who link to collections or poetry sections will find the going a bit easier. Thing's might still be a little rough around the edges.

15 July 2002 @ 11:30 PST

A bit flipped in the middle of the night which caused the website to break. I've addressed the problem so now the gallery page should be working again.

13 July 2002 @ 23:15 PST

Over the past several months, I've been working on and off on a new version of the web site. I've finally found the time to finish it off, so if you're reading this, you're looking at the "new" website. It doesn't (and shouldn't) look a whole lot different than the old version, but everything has been rewritten. The biggest improvements so far are the list of new images on the Gallery page and the search results on the Search page where the images are now presented to you in a table of thumbnails (just like any other view of the archive) rather than in a table of filenames and image titles. The Verses page is also a little different, though the content is pretty much the same.

I'll leave the old website in place for a while since a lot of people deep-link into it and I don't want to completely break their links. If you run into a nasty eight-legged error message when you're browsing around, please copy the URL and mail it to me at if you have the time.

If you don't know or care about what any of this means, or you just want to browse the gallery, away you go. :)

10 July 2002 @ 23:00 PST

I've posted quite a few tonight, including 'Wrath of the Ents' by Ted Nasmith which is one of the best I have ever seen. I'll definitely be ordering his 2003 calendar when it comes out.

5 July 2002 @ 16:30 PST

Still here. Wow, six months since my last news posting. Just for the record, I did post some images in between. :) In any case, I will post some more shortly.

17 January 2002 @ 9:45 PST

Want to search mail order catalogs for Tolkien material? Now you can.

1 January 2002 @ 22:15 PST

Now that the old soar/ mirror is no longer available (it used to be my primary server) I'm seeking a backup server. Are you the maintainer of a reasonably equipped UNIX server? Would you like to attract traffic to your website? If so, please read this.

1 January 2002 @ 2:00 PST

Happy New Year, y'all! I've created a new gallery, "The Lord of the Rings, by chapter" which is meant to showcase collections devoted to specific chapters of LotR. It will take a long time to populate, but a lot of people have asked for it. I've begun to go through all of the images starting with the oldest and sorting them into relevant collections. So far I'm in the middle of November 1999 which was the date I copied all of the images over from the Berkeley server. It'll be a while.

29 December 2001 @ 23:30 PST

I've posted quite a few images lately. Apparently the movies have inspired a flurry of submissions! I have also gone through my mail queue gathering up misplaced images. One of these days I'll make the receive-and-post process a bit more fool-proof (or Ryan-proof). In any case, enjoy the new images.

19 December 2001 @ 3:20 PST

If I could describe in one word a three hour long movie based on the several hundreds of pages that is The Fellowship of the Ring, the word would have to be successful. I found myself nodding at the screen a lot, granting scenes my official fanatic stamp-of-approval. At other times I shook my head, wondering why they chose to make sacrifices. Overall it was excellent and I think the other books will receive excellent treatment. If you are familiar with the artwork here, especially that of Alan Lee, John Howe, and Ted Nasmith, you will find yourself wandering through their paintings on screen. Hobbiton, the ford, Mordor, the Shire, Moria, and the Anduin were lifted right off the canvas. I would have liked to have seen more of Rivendell and of Lothlorien, but there probably wasn't enough room. I didn't see a need for the expanded role of Arwen either, though thats probably due to my official fanatic purism. The acting was superb I thought -- couldn't have been better. I was pleasantly surprised at how Merry and Pippin were handled. Anyways, my opinion pretty much reflects that of most other reviews I've read in that the movie was well made and I don't want to have to wait a whole year till the next one. Maybe I'm being naive, but I thought showing up an hour early for a midnight showing lasting till 3am would be sufficient, but when I got to the theater there were already two long lines for two screens. Hundreds of people were already there! Show up earlier than you planned.

17 December 2001 @ 10:45 PST

I just purchased my ticket for the movie. I'm going to a 12:01am midnight showing, and since the move is around 3 hours or so, I'll be a bit groggy for work on Wednesday. :)

15 December 2001 @ 13:15 PST

Fixed an html problem. When did that happen?

22 November 2001 @ 14:00 PST

Happy turky-day to those in the U.S. I've reworked the site a bit. This was mainly due to the fact that the SOAR mirror at Berkeley went down which meant that I could put PHP on the front page. (that machine was an overworked SuperSparc 20) Hopefully I'll be able to post today most of the new images sitting in my mail queue.

2 October 2001 @ 14:00 PST

Still here. Posted a few more images. Had a chance to view the latest trailer [32MB]?

11 July 2001 @ 10:00 PST

I changed the layout a bit a few days ago. The thumbnail pages should be a little easier to browse now that you can change the number of images per page. You can also modify the sorting order in one operation. I posted a few more images and added another artist.

3 July 2001 @ 9:30 PST

It seems that the Rolozo mirror at soar and godzilla.eecs dot might be going away within a month. If you are bookmarked there, you should think about changing the link to or just in case the Berkeley site just goes away one day. Hopefully there will be sufficient time for the search engines to cache today's message.

2 July 2001 @ 17:00 PST

I've been redoing bits of the collection pages so things might be a little messy for the time being. I'm trying to shake out some long standing bugs and add some useful features. In any case, don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

29 May 2001 @ 22:30 PST

Posted a few more images. I don't normally do this, but I wanted to point everyone to an interesting article at I thought the discussion on debate over modernism in Tolkien's works was particularly interesting given my own (and maybe your) leanings towards technology.

19 April 2001 @ 16:30 PST

I assume everyone's had a chance to buy the 2001 Tolkien calendar by now so I've reposted the larger images.

29 March 2001 @ 10:45 PST

I've added a few more pics. I don't usually update this front page with news about new images (yet), so if you want to see if there's anything new just look at the galleries page. I've been working on some other stuff for the site, so even if it doesn't look like I'm here a lot, I really am. I'm still behind on the email queue though.

25 January 2001 @ 14:30 PST

I'm slowly working my way through the mail queue in no apparent order. I hear that the trailer is out. I haven't gotten the chance to take a look at it yet as I've been upgrading my computer.

15 January 2001 @ 21:45 PST

Still here. I posted a few images tonight and I hope to answer more of your mail tomorrow. Wow, its been more than a year since I started transitioning to theonering.

2 October 2000 @ 10:00 PST

I have posted several more images including many Irown Crown covers. I have also received word from a reputable source that two of Howe's images were backwards. They've been flipped.

19 September 2000 @ 15:00 PST

I've posted many more images including four from Eiszmann. I've also moved aside the 2001 calendar. You can still visit the page and view thumbnails, but a visitor correctly reprimanded me for providing access to the calendar so far ahead of its actual release and high sales period. And to quote myself from June, its "definitely a calendar worth buying".

12 September 2000 @ 13:00 PST

I posted about a dozen images yesterday. I've also been busy editing the layout of the collection pages. Above each image you should now see something like [1] [2]'. The first link is to the image on The second is to the mirrored image at I have also provided a kind of menu management of sorts that allows you to minimize the gallery lists that you see on the right side of collection pages. The gallery lists are growing longer every month so this should make surfing the site a bit faster.

22 August 2000 @ 11:30 PST

Still here. I've been adding images gradually over the summer including some great work by Michael Hammersley and Maria Lombide Ezpeleta. If you enjoy their work, definitely send them some email. I'm sure they'll be glad to hear from you.

24 July 2000 @ 11:30 PST

Well William, corvar -at-, just let me know that the busy folks over at have registered The URL, a redirection to rolozo's dwelling at, is certainly much easier to remember! Definitely head up to to check out everything else they've been up to.

24 July 2000 @ 11:30 PST

Added a bunch of Wenzel and Eiszmann images.

11 July 2000 @ 22:00 PST

I haven't had a chance to get to your mail, but I just want to remind people to bookmark the mirror since the original page,, might be going away in the not too distant future.

23 June 2000 @ 10:15 PST

I added some collections to the 'Characters' gallery the other day.

19 June 2000 @ 17:00 PST

I've written a small search engine. I haven't tested it all that much, but have made it available here.

17 June 2000 @ 15:00 PST

I updated the Image Galleries page. It defaults to a list of recent images, but you can still choose a gallery overview if you like.

17 June 2000 @ 12:15 PST

It looks like Rolozo's disk on the soar/godzilla.eecs site is running out of space. Please bookmark the Rolozo site at as your primary Rolozo site. The Image Galleries front page will be updated very soon.

15 June 2000 @ 15:30 PST

The new Image Galleries page is up and it interfaces with the rest of the site information. This means that information on that page will be up to date regardless of what I do (rather, forget to do). I will change the layout a bit (it mimics the old page) so that it loads faster and so you can sort by timestamp or whatever. I will also provide tables for most recent additions site-wise.

13 June 2000 @ 19:00 PST

Thanks to KHAL over at, the 2001 Tolkien is now up. Here is the direct link. This is the most impressive calendar in recent memory. "Gandalf falls with the Balrog" is stunning. Definitely a calendar worth buying before second half of this year. :)

12 June 2000 @ 23:30 PST

I'm back into one of my "try-to-get-on-top-of-the-email-pile" phases. I'm just about caught up to mid May. I've been posting images like crazy over the past couple of days as well as creating new galleries and collections. Unfortunately you won't be able to tell which images across the site are the newest (only by collection). I hope to rectify this in the next couple of days.

10 June 2000 @ 22:30 PST

I've added some more artwork from Maria Ezpeleta as well as the 1998 Italian Calendar. I also added a few calendar collections comrpised of images that I already had. The latest additions are only available through the mirror whose entry point is still temporarily here. There's some more work to do before the new pages are set as the default. I also need to work on creating static pages for the original soar/godzilla.eecs mirror.

7 June 2000 @ 21:00 PST

So I've been working on a better way for visitors to view the image archive. Its not quite ready yet, but it is usable and will give you an idea as to what I want to do. Have a look here. This will only be available at Rolozo's mirror.

16 May 2000 @ 14:00 PST

Well one month isn't too long to be away. I was off in the Barrow Downs of commitments as it were. I've got some time now so I posted a few more images. There's quite a lot of mail in the queue and still more images to post. I'll try to get to everything soon.

16 April 2000 @ 20:30 PST

Added more items to the Middle-earth collection group. They are only partially filled in.

16 April 2000 @ 17:00 PST

Added 19 new images. Many thanks once again to (the great) AK for the new Wenzel comics. Added a new artist.

7 April 2000 @ 11:00 PST

You already know that the movie trailer is out. I've mirrored it here (28.9 Mb). update 17/06/00: Disk space on soar/godzilla is running low; moving movie here.

4 April 2000 @ 13:45 PST

More images posted. Thanks to Tim for the ICE MERP covers. More from Maria Ezpeleta and Anke Eiszmann and others. I'm still behind on email. :P

22 March 2000 @ 15:30 PST

I've added several more images thanks to visitor contributions (you know who you are :). More to come. I found a fan site with links to Tolkien posters. I get a lot of questions about this, so head to for your favorite kind of wall art. I'm also catching up on mail after falling behind again.

7 March 2000 @ 16:00 PST

So nothing very new to report other than I posted a few new Wenzel comics from Andreas (thanks again!) and a couple of new images from Anke Eiszmann. I should be posting some more images later tonight. You can find out which image collections have new images by looking at the time stamps listed on the Image Collections page.

13 February 2000 @ 23:00 PST

Hi everyone. Thank you for your concern, but I haven't really been away. :) I have neglected to post news items in part because the Collections page details new images and pages. I suppose a heads up on this page would be a good thing however. So there have been new images, but I haven't mentioned them till now. As always, my thanks go to you all for your image submissions and URL pointers. I hope to get to your mail real soon.

23 December 1999 @ 14:00 PST

So I've finally added some more images: 6 by Wenzel, and 2 each by Maria Ezpeleta and Anke Eissmann. Feedback on the redesign has been generally positive so I'll keep things as they are. If you're interested in the latest images, keep an eye one the Collections page as I might post something without mentioning it in the news here. The UC Berkeley computer people have adopted a rather alarmist attitude about the campus power grid, so the soar/godzilla mirror won't be up around 12/31-1/1 (then again, who will be web surfing then? :). Happy Holidays to all and if everything goes well, I'll see you on the other side of Y2K!

5 December 1999 @ 18:00 PST

I've started to group images into collections, the first of which are calendars, Middle-earth places, and characters. I've only got a couple in each, but I just wanted to demonstrate how it will work. The image set for each isn't complete, I just quickly grepped through the names and description for quick n' dirty initial populations.

5 December 1999 @ 5:00 PST

Yes, I changed the layout again. Feedback on the previous site redesign was generally positive, but there were a few things I didn't like about it. The only parts that have changed for this redesign are the images section and this front page. I hope to get to everything else soon. I've been lagging behind on getting back to people so I also hope to hit the email soon. Time for me to go to sleep.

24 November 1999 @ 10:45 PST

So the site is still in a state of organizational flux. I had redesigned the front end to the site (style, layout, etc.), but hadn't upgraded the backend (the engine that generates all the web pages for me) sufficiently. I have worked out a new engine (just in my head) that I hope to implement over the next week that will give the site greater flexibility in organization. Once the backend is completed, I should be quicker about posting new images and getting to your email. If you are connecting to the soar/godzilla site, you might try heading over to as that is more likely to have the latest material (for now).

17 November 1999 @ 13:00 PST

Anke Eismann sent in another beautiful image (#54) and Andreas Kloss sent in images 34 through 39 of the Wenzel comic series. Bill Hernandez sent in four new images from the Kirk 1975 calendar. Thanks again to all!

11 November 1999 @ 9:30 PST

I plan on moving the survey and quote submission form to a more reliable box soon. More about that next week. I hope to post some new images Real Soon Now.

8 November 1999 @ 12:30 PST

I've hacked off the older news in "celebration" of the redesign. I've updated the Alphabets page, now a starting point for Daniel Smith's Tengwar section (its actually more comprehensive than just Tengwar). There are a lot of pages I still need to update.

8 November 1999 @ 12:30 PST

I restarted the survey. The machine it was running on was powered down Sunday.

7 November 1999 @ 14:30 PST

So what do you think? Several people commented in their surveys that the site was looking a bit bland so I spent some time this weekend trying to fix things up. A few pages are temporarily out of order, but I hope to reintegrate everything soon. I've gone now a starting point for Daniel Smith's Tengwar section (its actually more comprehensive than just Tengwar). There are a lot of pages I still need to update.

7 September 1999 @ 12:30 PST

Added 8 McBride sketches sent in by Andreas. They are located off the Angus McBride page. Thanks again Andreas!

5 September 1999 @ 23:30 PST

I've updated the individual artist menu pages to display the names of the range bounds. So in addition to "10-18" you will see "start.jpg - end.jpg", for example. Its not very pretty, but it tells you more information about each page. When I update the Images front page, all the modification dates will be set to a few minutes ago so you'll need to read this page to know which pages I've edited recently.

4 September 1999 @ 20:00 PST

Added 6 new images from a new artist, Tim Baker. Baker has chosen prominent Middle-earth symbols and objects as his subjects rather than scenes from The Lord of the Rings making for very original art. I also added a few images I neglected to post the other day.

3 September 1999 @ 16:00 PST

I added one new image from Daniel Genchev depicting the siege of Orthanc. More new images will be going up tonight.

31 August 1999 @ 23:00 PST

I've added 40 or so book covers, 10 images by a new artist, and several more from the new Tolkien calendar. The new artist is Rob Aaldijk whose brush is a digital renderer. The ten beautiful images are of Middle-earth landscapes. Go check them out! The new calendar images were sent in by a visitor, Guy: beleg.jpg, fingon.jpg, gate.jpg, glaurung.jpg, luthien_escapes.jpg, rainbow_cleft.jpg, tirion.jpg. I really need to add more intelligent groupings to the code generation so that new images are easily identifiable. Some calendars in the past have failed to impress, but this latest by Nasmith is gorgeous. I like gate.jpg in particular.

16 August 1999 @ 12:00 PST

I added another image from Anke, and one by a new artist here, Rodney Matthews. The image was sent in by a visitor, Andrzej. Thanks again Anke and Andrzej. Also, Guy wrote in with news that the new Tolkien calendar is out! The Y2K edition is by Nasmith and features this list of pictures: From the Illustrated Silmarillion (already here): Finduilas is Led Past Turin at the Sack of Nargothrond; Ulmo Appears before Tuor; Maglor Casts a Silmaril Into the Sea; Beren and Luthien are Flown to Safety; Illuin, Lamp of the Valar; At Lake Cuivienen; New Previously Unpublished Illustrations: The Slaying of Glaurung; Luthien Escapes the Tree House; Tuor, Gelmir and Arminas; The Incoming Sea at the Rainbow Cleft; Fingon and Gothmog (at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad); Beleg is Slain; Center Poster (also new) Earendil searches Tirion; Cover Illustration The Slaying of Glaurung. Thanks again Guy, and Happy (early) Birthday!

11 August 1999 @ 15:00 PST

I posted nine images from a new artist, Stuart Anderson. His are the first digitally rendered images to appear here and they look terrific (I like the Orthanc image best). Also, my apologies for taking a while to get on top of the email pile. My latest excuse is that I'm moving, though there are some other student-to-real-life transition issues occupying my time. I still need to alter the code generation here so that browsing recently posted images is easier. I'm also thinking about removing almost all site related graphics so that browsing is a (more) clutter-free experience. If you have any thoughts pertaining to navigating this site, definitely let me know. Update: One more note: there's some construction going on over here at Berkeley which has disrupted power several times of late. This has affected the campus' (and thus RT's) net connection to the outside world. Hopefully the water will continue to flow through the pipes and the electrons will continue to flow through the wires without ever coming in contact with each other for a while.

19 July 1999 @ 9:30 PST

I added seven new images yesterday: a Russian book cover, one Nasmith piece, and five by Anke Eiszmann. Go get 'em! I just quickly totaled the image count. There are 752 images.

30 June 1999 @ 13:45 PST

I don't have time to say much, but Carolyn Sawyer from Houghton Mifflin sent me a movie (1.7 Mb) which appears to be an advertisement for a new edition of LotR as well as rules for a contest where the grand prize is a trip to New Zealand where the movie is being made. The ad is in QuickTime format and the rules document is in an old Microsoft Word format. Good luck! (Just to be clear, there's no arrangement between Houghton Mifflin and myself. They just asked and I posted.)

17 June 1999 @ 11:15 PST

A few people have written in about, a new site with lots of news and rumors about the movie. Stop by and check it out. It is one of what is sure to be a slew of new commercial web sites that will spring up in time for the movies. They tend to have advertisements and revenue generating links to online bookstores. As always, this site is powered by blood, sweat, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plenty of elbow grease. :) I fixed the link below which was popping up inside this frame.

10 June 1999 @ 17:30 PST

A visitor, Stephen, wrote in with this URL. Go there ASAP. It appears to be preproduction artwork for the film. You'll notice that calendar art has served as inspiration for a few, like #6.

31 May 1999 @ 13:00 PST

Added 5 Eiszmann images. I've also received and posted another visitor submission, but this time it was added to the Verses page instead of the Images page. I hope that this might encourage other Middle-earthen poets to take pen to paper.

27 May 1999 @ 14:30 PST

Added 3 Eiszmann images, 1 Garland image, 2 Marshall images, and 1 from Douglas Carrel, a new artist here. More to come.

25 May 1999 @ 19:40 PST

I have officially finished this semester having graduated on the 21st. You are now looking at one of this world's newest astrophysicists! This doesn't seem like it will affect the web site though I will have more time to work on it this summer. I've managed to shrink my mail queue, though there are several images to post to the site including a new artist. I hope to start tonight.

12 May 1999 @ 13:00 PST

I justed wanted to let people know that I've hit the end of the semester and will be preparing for finals soon. I've got a mailbox bulging with email to respond to and images to post that I hope to get to very soon. If you see new images going up before the 22nd of May, you know how my studying is going. :)

15 April 1999 @ 8:30 PST

Added the Blind Guardian image "Nightfall in Middle-earth" by Andreas Marshall. Updated the Becquet page to include some information about the artist.

13 April 1999 @ 9:30 PST

Added the 1999 Italian calendar by Luca Michelucci and removed a duplicate Lee image (lee97nn.jpg was minastirith.jpg).

11 April 1999 @ 0:30 PST

I updated many pages, adding new and/or improved images to some and image descriptions to others. The timestamps on the Images page will indicate what has been modified. Once again, Gregory Greene is responsible for the high quality images.

6 April 1999 @ 20:30 PST

The Russian book covers are back up. Yay.

6 April 1999 @ 16:15 PST

Whoops. I accidentally deleted the Russian book covers. I'm trying to recover them.

6 April 1999 @ 9:30 PST

Anke-Katrin Eiszmann just sent in 4 new beautiful images. They are excellent and very large (and worth the download). I did not shrink them so as to preserve the high quality. You can let her know what you think of the images through direct email.

4 April 1999 @ 14:30 PST

I moved the photographs of J.R.R. Tolkein that had been on the Various page to their own new Photographs page, and I moved the movie poster image which had been on the Frazzetta page to the Various page (because it's not by Frazzetta).

4 April 1999 @ 13:30 PST

Added Ballantine book covers from 1973 sent in by a visitor.

29 March 1999 @ 23:30 PST

Added artwork from Aleksandr Kortich sent in by the same visitor.

29 March 1999 @ 20:00 PST

Added Russian book covers sent in by a visitor and corrected a few bugs on the Images page. My spring break is over so the frequent updates might cease for a while.

28 March 1999 @ 1:00 PST

Changed a few more things. Stuff is still in flux.

27 March 1999 @ 13:00 PST

Changed the left menu. I hope it is easier to read. Things might change a little more.

26 1999 @ 1:00 PST

Changed the layout a bit. More stuff to do.

25 March 1999 @ 17:30 PST

Added the artists' first names to the Artists page and restored the Renshoff & Ploeg page which wasn't being made (because of an evil, evil dash).

25 March 1999 @ 17:00 PST

I've added some images by Hague and changed a few things about the site. There's still a lot of things to do. I also moved the Zeil image to its own page; I'm not really sure how it got stuck back into Various.

19 March 1999 @ 1:00 PST

The addition of the rest of the Lee images is wreaking havoc with Lee's menu page. There are now 128 (egad!) Lee images here. I've also added another netizen's Tolkien artwork. His name is Benjamin Becquet and his page is accessible from the Artist section. Thanks to a visitor, I also moved the Lieutenant.gif image from Nasmith to Howe. I was also informed that the Frazzeta image is not really by Frazetta. Anyone know who painted the old movie poster?

24 February 1999 @ 9:00 PST

For the time being, is a pointer to this site. I swooped in fast to grab the name.

19 February 1999 @ 21:30 PST

Art, again courtesy Gregory Greene, has been added to the Tolkien page.

19 February 1999 @ 18:45 PST

Several visitors have sent me new Cover artwork which I've posted. Lots o' images lately.

19 February 1999 @ 18:30 PST

A visitor sent me 32 scans of Lee art from The Hobbit. The Lee section is now bulging with 94 images -- almost double the total of 50 that have been on the net for ages. I really have to update the Credits page to account for all the image submissions, news pointers, and bug fixes that have come in over the years. I've saved 99% of the site related emails I have received since 1995 so it will be a feasible and enjoyable task accounting for submissions.

4 February 1999 @ 17:00 PST

Anke-Katrin Eiszmann sent in some scans from the 1999 Calendar. There are now a whopping 62 images in the Lee section. Also included was Lee's Hobbit book cover. More to come.

3 February 1999 @ 10:00 PST

I still need to add the names of each painting to the grey cells. I'll try to get them up soon (by Sunday). The scripts had the functionality to put them there (like on the Lee page), but I have to do my part in adding the titles to a database. New images will be here soon.

1 February 1999 @ 19:00 PST

A young visitor sent me some of her own drawings of Middle-earth. They are available on the Akselrod page.

29 January 1999 @ 19:00 PST

A visitor here informed me that nine images were truncated. I restored them from copies so all should be well now. While I was cleaning up, I also rearranged the Kaluta page and substituted larger images.

8 January 1999 @ 19:00 PST

I've added more images. A few here, a few there, ... check out the Artists page for the updated counts. Oh, I've also added Nasmith's new images from the Silmarillion. Head over to your favorite book store to pick up the real thing.

8 January 1999 @ 10:30 PST

A visitor here contributed two book covers, one of which is Portugese. I've uploaded them and they are now available for download. Also, the survey and quote submission forms are temporarily offline.

7 January 1999 @ 12:30 PST

Apparently the computer was just upgraded a couple of days ago. There are now two processors and gobs of RAM so I'm sure that your surfing experience is improved at least a little bit.

2 January 1999 @ 16:30 PST

I put up the Index page. It contains a listing of all the images at this site without any thumbnails for those visitors who know which image they're after. The existing tag on the page said I had removed it sometime in June, so its nice to have available.

29 December 1998 @ 21:00 PST

Well the new machine is in place. Things seem a little faster from here so I hope you experience better performance as well. All of the art pages are now created by my scripts so I just need to move the newer images in place. There is still some work left to do (quote submissions) and I need to add an artist pager (so one may navigate forward and backward between artists). I am also going to reinstall an index page (thumbnail-less list). This will also be processed by the scripts so it shouldn't take too long. I also hope to get around to changing the artwork before the semester starts up again. Happy new year!

25 December 1998 @ 22:00 PST

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm happy because after a little tinkering and with an invocation of './ -v -a lee', the html pages for Alan Lee's images were created. The files generated are supposed to function like the ones I used to make manually so hopefully you won't notice a difference. A bit more tinkering and I should have all of the pages tossed out automagically.

22 December 1998 @ 10:00 PST

Rolozo Tolkien will be moving to another machine. The name of the server will still be the same so you need not update your bookmarks. When everything gets moved, I should have some tools ready that will aid me in the construction of this site. This means that whenever someone sends me images, I will not have to manually create thumbnails, and create or edit html pages. This benefits me in that there's less work to do and it benefits you in that images and quote submissions should get posted much faster.

1 June 1997 @ 12:00 PST

I have updated the Quotations page again. Submissions were piling up and I also wanted to add some that I had reviewed last time, but didn't post. I have added more of Gregory Greene's terrific scans. I've also updated the Tolkien, Nasmith, and Howe sections. There are a few new and a few better scans of some of J.R.R. Tolkien's drawings and paintings and some new calendar art from Nasmith and Howe.

I'll be adding a few things over the next couple of days (well, okay, weeks). When I'm done, I'll post a notification of all additions.

12 November 1996 @ 12:00 PST

I'm still very busy, but I've had enough time to construct the small Java applet at left. Those of you with Java capable browsers may notice that moving the mouse over a section label causes the label to sink in. I have found the applet to be a little buggy on some platforms; if you find that it distrupts your browser, let me know I will remove it from the site. I don't want to crash anyone. By the way, I still have some tasks left to do, some of which require that I fulfill some promises to a couple of visitors (mailing jpegs and so forth). I have not forgotten! I'm just extremely busy.

I have added a search engine to the site. You may now enter keywords to locate images or text. The search field will appear at the bottom of this page and the other hubs. A huge "Thank You" goes to Jennifer Snider who provided me with the engine. I have also added a quotation submission form. If you have any favorite quotations, go to the Quotations page to see if it is not listed. Access the form to submit the quote.