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Arwen, Superhero
by Steve Dufour

I understand that Mr. Jackson is planning to expand Arwen’s role. Well,
here’s my idea.

Arwen dances the Springle-ring with Aragorn at her one-eleventy-first
birthday party. After the dance they sit on the grass to rest. Arwen
finds a gold ring on the ground. She slips it on her finger and
disappears, causing great excitment and upset to all the guests.

She reappears the next day in her father’s council chamber. She shows
Elrond the ring. He examines it closely and explains that it is indeed
Sauron’s lost One Ring and that she must go alone to Mordor to destroy
it by casting it into the fires of Mt. Doom.

She sets out on her journey. After passing through Moria and killing
the Balrog, she visits Galadriel. She offers the Ring to Galadriel but
she refuses it. Arwen is so moved by Galadriel’s beauty and goodness
that she asks her for a lock of her hair, which she keeps with her

Arwen continues on. She is tempted to keep the Ring for herself. She
resists the temptation but in her moment of weakness and confusion she
is waylaid and captured by a band of orcs working for the evil wizard

She is rescued by Eomer and the men of Rohan. She exposes Wormtongue’s
treason and convinces Theoden to lead his people against both Saruman
and Sauron. Theoden gives her his prize horse Shadowfax.

She then slips away and visits the Ents. She inspires them to attack
Saruman. After the battle she breaks Saruman’s staff and has the Ents
hold him captive in his tower. She then rides away down the mysterious
Paths of the Dead.

We next see her at the head of a fleet of ships bringing an army to save
Gondor from the forces of Mordor, under a banner she made herself. In
the battle that follows she kills the Nazgul Lord in single combat.

She then continues on to Mordor. On the way she kills Shelob and
incites a big fight between the different factions of orcs.

She reaches Mt. Doom. She has the Ring in her hand and is about to cast
it into the fire when it slips on her finger and tightens, making it
impossible to remove. She bites off her own finger and casts it and the
Ring into the fire, ending Sauron’s power.

She then calls on her friends the Eagles who carry her back to Gondor
where she is acclaimed by all.

Soon after she marries Aragorn, who is now King of Gondor.

A couple of years later she rides with Elrond and Galadriel and says
good-bye to them as they depart from Middle-earth. She returns to
Aragorn and their baby.

"Well," she says, "I’m back."


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