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Sacred Lembas

 by B.W.

  • 2 _ cups of flour
  • 1 cup of honey (ONLY from a hive that was formed in a tree from Fangorn)
  • Crushed pipe-weed, to taste (Hobbits seem to like lots of this, as do the dwarves)
  • Water (preferably from Galadriel’s mirror)

Sprinkle the flour into a silver cauldron while singing ancient Elf-tunes. Slowly stir in the honey and chant this incantation:

Lembas, formed in secret places
Only for the ones in need.
Nourish them, brightening their faces.
Give them undying will to go on.

Lembas, sweet cakes that sustained the famous Frodo,
And kept alive Samwise in haste,
Shalt thou be kept fresh forevermore,
Time will not destroy your taste.

In this cauldron bubble and froth,
No evil is within this broth,
Gone are the days when you are needed,
but may your scent remind us still that Frodo Nine-fingers lives on, and that his quest has brought us peace,

Make certain that the last words are shouted. Repeat until the mixture has thickened. Add enough water to make it soft enough to be scooped, sort of like the mud on the riverbanks of Lothlórien in midsummer after a good rainfall. Place hobbit-foot sized lumps of the lembas-batter onto a golden platter and bake them in a sacred fire until they just begin to turn the color of the platter. While still hot, wrap the lembas in leaves and leave them to cool in the shade. Do not try this at home unless you are a wizard or an elf-maiden, the results will be, um, sticky. As aforesaid, these cakes will not spoil, and they are poisonous to Orcs. (The latter, by the way, came in handy often in the Third Age.)

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