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Of Sauron and the Ring
by Dave Bergfelder
Of Sauron and the Ring

For those who've yet to hear the tale
The elves of yore still sing,
Sit back and let me tell about
The legend of the ring.

The tale began so long ago
When Sauron was the king.
To rule the land of Middle-Earth
He fashioned a great ring.

In to the depths of old Mt. Doom,
The furnace for the hells,
He forged the ring to make the world
Do only as he tells.

The other rings, the nine and ten,
That he did give away,
So fashioned with his sorcery,
Made people all obey.

Three rings the elven kings received,
The men were given nine,
And seven did the dwarf lords get,
Who live in cave and mine.

And when the elves and dwarves and men
All learned what Sauron planned,
A war was fought to end his rule
And rid him of the land.

The orcs and trolls of Sauron's host,
All hell-spawned and accursed,
Did war against the elves and men,
But suffered all the worst.

Until one melancholy night
When Sauron chose to fight,
He hacked and slew with all his might
The foes within his sight.

He came upon an elven prince
Who cut off Sauron's hand.
With mace Lord Sauron mashed his head,
But lost his golden band.

And many weary years did pass,
For Sauron was still king,
Until a hobbit small did find
The evil ancient ring.

In to the depths of old Mt. Doom
He cast the evil thing,
To end the domineering rule
Of Sauron and the ring.

It's now believed that on dark nights,
When moon shows not her face,
Lord Sauron roams about the land
Embracing bloody mace.

And thus is how an end did come
Unto the evil king.
And now my friend this is the end
Of Sauron and the ring.

David Bergfelder, ©1982 Revised 1999

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